Employee engagement

Keeping employees engaged

Leading organisations understand the need to keep employees engaged on an ongoing basis. Employee engagement is linked to increased productivity, revenue and reduced staff turnover. Large organisations can easily spend thousands of pounds on one-day activities to improve engagement – costs which are not as affordable for smaller businesses, who need to get the most value for money.

Why is employee engagement important?

  • Organisations in the top quartile of engagement scores demonstrated revenue growth 2.5 times greater than those in the bottom quartile.
  • Companies with engagement scores in the top quartile had twice the annual net profit of those in the bottom quartile.
  • Companies with high levels of engagement show turnover rate 40% lower than companies with low levels of engagement.

The Veolia Bucks Corporate Relay promotes employee engagement by encouraging staff members to come together in teams, work and train together in the run up to the event and raise funds for charity.