About the event


The Veolia Bucks Corporate Relay is a 4 x 5km relay event open to teams of employees, friends and families from local businesses and public sector organisations. Each team comprises 2 or 4 people and each member runs, jogs or walks a 5km circular route before passing the baton to their teammate who does the next 5km loop in traditional relay fashion.

Taking part in a 5k race for the first time can be a daunting experience for many, but by entering the Veolia Corporate Relay you can pull on those trainers with colleagues and friends knowing you will be surrounded by friendly faces for every step!

This event offers everyone the chance to take part regardless of fitness levels or speed. There will be a sense of competition for many on event day to see who can be crowned the fastest team, but for most it’s about a sense of community.

Why take part?

This event is designed as a healthy alternative to corporate entertainment to bring people together from across your business and the wider business community, and is a brilliant opportunity for:

  • team building, employee engagement and encouraging goodwill and camaraderie amongst employees
  • promoting health and fitness in the workplace
  • supporting the community through charity fundraising
  • local marketing and networking
  • company profile raising via social media
  • and most importantly to have a fun-packed corporate day out!

There are many similar athletic events in the UK but few offer opportunities to the companies entering to promote themselves and their services. The Veolia Bucks Corporate Relay is not just a running event, they’ll be other activities to keep spectators, customers, families and friends engaged, as well as a platform for you to network with and market your business, products and services to other local businesses.

It’s a team-building awayday, business exhibition and fun corporate day out all rolled into one!


  • Teams must run under a company name.
  • Please note that teams may consist of runners or walkers who do not work for the company, however we do try to encourage teams to have runners from their own organisation. If you do not have enough runners feel free to join a neighbouring company and form a combined team.
  • Runners must be over 12 years of age.
  • Each team must allocate a Team Captain.

Team Captains

Each team must allocate a single individual to act as Team Captain. The Team Captain will manage the team and will be the only point of contact with the Event Organiser.

The Team Captain is responsible for:

  • Forming a team or teams
  • Recruiting runners
  • Recruiting spectators
  • Finalising details
  • Submitting the entry
  • Liaising with the Event Organiser
  • Managing the team and spectators
  • Distribute all race information to the team and spectators
  • Ensuring all members of the team and spectators are aware of all relevant race information and rules

Please note, the Event Organiser will only communicate with the Team Captains.


The relay route passes through the corporate site spaces meaning spectators are on hand to offer their teams encouragement, tactical advice or even gentle ribbing!

Corporate site space

  • Each minimum entry comes with one 6m x 4m plot for you to pitch your company stand, gazebo, picnic blanket or to use however you wish as your individual company headquarters for the day!
  • If you do not have company branded materials, such as a gazebo, t-shirts or company stand, we can offer branded materials through our event partners – please contact us for more details. 

Competition and prizes

Awards will be presented for individual and team performances and every finisher will receive a medal.

Throughout the day prizes will be awarded to race team members. Prizes will be donated from sponsors and local companies. Runners will draw lucky dip tickets at the end of the race and those lucky enough to pull a winning ticket will have one minute to collect their prize! Prizes can be as small as a £30 voucher to as extravagant as a holiday away.

If your organisation would like to donate a prize, please contact Peter Mullenbach, Race Director at peter@corporaterelay.co.uk