There are several ways your company can benefit. The event is designed as a healthy alternative to corporate entertainment to bring people together from across your business and the wider business community, and is a brilliant opportunity for:

  • team building, employee engagement and encouraging goodwill and camaraderie amongst employees
  • promoting health and fitness in the workplace
  • supporting the community through charity fundraising
  • local marketing and networking
  • company profile raising via social media
  • and most importantly to have a fun-packed corporate day out!

It’s a great team building event where you not only spend time with employees outside the workplace, but you also get to meet their extended family. When doing this you get to learn more about your colleagues and what drives and motivates them.

When submitting your entry form you would have selected your industry and what customers you supply. Race organisers will try to position your site as close to potential customers as possible for you to be able to approach them or grab their attention with your impressive site, hence why it is important to make sure you go the extra mile when setting up your site. It is then up to you to hand out advertising, make introductions and make yourselves known to everyone around you.

It mainly depends on why you are entering and what you are trying to get out of the day. If you are looking to stand out and want to raise your profile, the best option is to contact one of the race organisers prior to the event about additional advertising options. You could look to become one the race sponsors. The best way to approach this question is to think about how you would make your business stand out at a business expo, exhibition or conference. You have your 6×4 space on the day, what you do with it is up to you.

Yes. You must contact race organisers to book a time on Friday to enter the grounds and set up your site.

Yes. All participants and spectators must wear their wristbands at all times. If you lose or take off your wristband you will be escorted off site and refused entry back into the premises.

Absolutely. The race is all about participation and there will be many runners who will not consider themselves athletes. The route is designed to be inclusive and suit all abilities from first time to experienced runners, joggers and walkers. It is all about having a great day out with colleagues.

No. Each company will have a 6x4m plot where they can keep their valuables. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure their items are safe.

No, although we do encourage this. Runners can be friends or family members.

Runners must be over the age of 12 years old.

Yes. We are asking companies that enter to donate prizes to runners. The more companies that donate prizes means the more opportunities that runners have to win.

Yes, however runners wearing earphones/headphones do so at their own risk

Results will be published post-race either on our website or on the Corporate Relay social media accounts.

The race will take on multi-terrain including grass, mud and road. There will also be hills and uneven grounds. Disabled athletes may take part but it is advisable that they contact the race organiser to ensure they are able to take on the course. The race organisers will try their utmost to support these individuals.  

If one of your team cannot attend, you can find a substitute runner. You will need to log onto your Active account and transfer your ticket. No runner or walker should take part in the event without completing a race entry form.  

No. Unfortunately the event has a strict maximum capacity limit and we will not be able to accept any additional people on the day unless prior notice is given.

No. Strictly no pets allowed.

You are encouraged to bring chairs and picnic blankets. You may bring food to the event but no beverages will be allowed.

No beverages of any kind are allowed onsite. No weapons – to include guns, knives, batons, swords, flame-throwers, throwing stars, battle axes, pepper spray, Nerf guns and baseball bats.

Yes, you may bring a camera.

Yes, there will be designated smoking areas. Smokers must use the designated smoking areas and bins provided. Smokers must not throw cigarette butts on the floor and must not put lit butts in the black bags provided. Any individual who causes a potential fire hazard may be removed off site.  Any individuals who do not use the designated smoking areas may be removed off site.

You will not be asked for ID at the gate. You may be asked for ID at the beer tent so you are advised to bring ID with you. The right to serve alcohol is at the discretion of alcohol providers.


Below are instructions to change teams for team members after logging into ACTIVE Works Endurance.

Note: To transfer a team captain to another team, a different team member must first be assigned as team captain (then the prior captain can be re-assigned)

  • Click Event Name under Your Events from Organization Dashboard (Home tab)
  • Click Participants tab
  • Enter participant’s name in search
    • Note: We recommend searching by “Last name, First name”
  • Select the participant’s name
  • Click Change team next to his/her current team name
  • Change team selection on next page:
    • Select Transfer to a different team and team name > Click Submit team changes
    • Select Remove from current team > Click Submit team changes
    • Note: It is optional to Send confirmation email to the participant and/or send confirmation email to former team captain.