The story

The Bucks Corporate Relay drew its inspiration from an inter-company relay held in the small town of Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. It was great fun, because it wasn’t a serious race, and consequently almost everyone ran it. I must just point out that the use the term “ran” is used in the broadest possible context here.
A couple of weeks before the “big event”, you would see teams taking to the streets in a desperate attempt to “up” their fitness levels, so that they could complete the 5 Kilometres in the allocated time limit. It was all about us – the fish and chips wannabe runners. Team t-shirts were procured, people were chivvied and encouraged during practice and on the day.

Huffing and puffing, team members would give it their all and then collapse, with relief, at their corporate tent and crack open a beer.

Much thought has gone into how put together a team event in the UK that is a not a serious running event, but that incorporated an element of fun networking and that would build inter-company relationships as well as enhance team morale.

Members are invited to toss their tablets, shed their stilettos, don their whacky-wear and gather their gang. Participants are also encouraged to bring their children.

Since the event is most definitely not about winning, fabulous prizes will be awarded by lucky draw.

The Bucks Corporate Relay will certainly be the most fun you can have while “working”, but you know, it is so much more than that too